Join us on "NATIONAL HOTDOG DAY", at Short Leash on Roosevelt, for wieners, puns and beer at the 2nd annual Wurst Festival Ever. We need your help to crown the "wurst wiener" in Phoenix. (And by wurst, we mean the best).
You’ll laugh your "buns" off with performances from Local Comics, “meat” local chefs, "ketchup" with friends and maybe even “mustard up” the courage to enter a pun competition.

It will be a hot dog of a day but that’s what makes a cold beer taste so good!


Restaurant Participation

In order to truly celebrate "National Hotdog Dog"  it is your civic responsibility to consume as many hotdogs as possible. We have asked 12 local restaurants to create their own amazing hotdog combinations for your Wurst pleasure. Samples will be sold all evening or wurst case scenario until supplies run out.

Pun Compitetion

Think you can mustard up the courage to stand on stage and rattle off puns about random topics? Well here's your chance to compete in "Sun's Out Puns Out", Phoenix's first Pun Competition!

There are 2 ways you can compete:

Fill out the questionnaire below to pre-qualify for the event. Our expert judges will be selecting the 7 most creative and entertaining answers. (All submissions must be received by July 12th)


Risk it all and show up the day of. We will offer a "Pun In" so that you and all the other procrastinators can compete for the one last open spot of the main event.


Hotdog Topping Contest,

We need your help to crown the "Wurst Wiener in Phoenix". (And by wurst, we mean the best). Submit your Hotdog creation to the Arizona Republic. If your selected the "Wurst Wiener in Phoenix" then your combo will be served at the festival and all month long at Short Leash Hotdogs. (Submission due by July, 18)

This is your opportunity to be a part of how Downtown Phoenix
celebrates all things hot dogs, comedy and brews.
What more could you want in a summer celebration?