April 2019



This year’s event will be on Saturday, April 20, 2019.

Over a couple cocktails with our wonderfully talented friends Doug and Sarah Penick we decided that what Phoenix was missing was an Adult only Pinewood Derby.

We all remember, when as a boy scout, we were required to build a pinewood derby car. But, inevitably our dad's took over and had more fun that we did.

Well, you know what?

We decided to take it back.

The competition is fierce and the craftsmanship is closely scrutinized, but the the fun is infectious!


July 2019



This year’s event will be on Saturday, JULY 20, 2019.

Let’s be frank, this is the probably the “wurst” idea we’ve ever had.

We present The Wurst Festival Ever, and invite you to come help crown the “wurst wiener” (and by wurst, we mean the best).

You’ll also laugh your buns off with a pun competition, “meat” local chefs, and maybe even “mustard up” the courage to try different hotdog combinations. It will be a hot dog of a day but that’s what makes a cold beer taste so good, right?

So mark Saturday, July 20 on your calendar as a day to “ketchup” with friends and enjoy some delicious dogs.

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